Travel is not for the light-hearted. Many may experience travel as a means from getting from point A to point B, but for others it is an enriching journey meant to enlighten the soul and let the forcibly subdued imaginations slow down and re-envision the possibilities in this world. Such a journey may seem impossible, but Cherry Tours Vancouver works so that your hearts see more than travel: they can experience happiness, imagination, wonder, and the kindness of people. This kind of travel occurs in “off the beaten path” boutique experiences that allow you to explore areas on foot, so that you are in them rather than driving past them, and works to show you parts of Vancouver only the locals know of. Here are just a few of the many things you may encounter on your Horseshoe Bay & Sea Safari Experience as provided by Cherry Tours:

Experience Vancouver Locally

                Discover Vancouver’s first urban park filled with rainforests, mountains and scenic views of the English Bay. Discover the nine intricately carved and colored totem poles rich with history and cultural enigma. Walk around Stanley Park as you see the locals enjoy their time off or go for a walk to enjoy the majestic views and then continue your tour to Dundarave Village West Vancouver: a local village filled with warm and blossoming flowers for most seasons or winter holiday lights that mirror the yearlong festive mood of the people who live there. Prepare yourself for a boutique luxury experience with a local gourmet chocolate tasting and pastry excursion; a scintillating experience for your taste buds in a seaside West Vancouver village. Finally, explore Horseshoe Bay’s small west coast village as well as the expansive and infamous marina with ferry rides and more. Local adventures can set apart an exceptional tour from the pool of promising names. Experiences like gourmet chocolate tastings and exploring local villages are an inspiring and moving experience for those who choose Vancouver tour packages with Cherry Tours.

Experience Vancouver’s Wildlife

                Local experiences don’t only mean encounters with the people. Many tours exclude including the many creatures that come with the land, who often serve as much of a symbol of the place as the people do. Enjoy and feel one with nature in a 2- hour wildlife sea safari experience, filled with an interactive glance at the wonderful creatures that enrich Vancouver’s coastline. Whether you are an animal lover or not, this experience is one that can truly put a smile on your face, and make you squeal with excitement when exploring a part of Vancouver no one really sees.

Experience Vancouver by Boat

                You may have done enough tours on a bus that drives by a site so that the only thing you really learn about a place is its name, or the excruciating treks that seem to give you no break, or even the cruises that are exciting in their own right, but don’t give you a chance to explore a place by foot. With Cherry Tours Vancouver, you can explore frontiers with your own two feet and then return on a majestic boat ride under the symbolic landmark Lion’s Gate Bridge and pass by locals in and around Stanley Park as parents watch their children, couples walk the shoreline, and children stop from play to wave as the ships pass by. Conclude your Sea Safari by cruising all the way to Coal Harbour Pier in Downtown Vancouver as you relax after an entertaining safari and chocolate tasting experience!

Experience Vancouver Efficiently

                No one says that to participate in a local and boutique experience you must sacrifice efficiency. Whether you are waiting to continue onwards to your new destination and want to discover Vancouver in a day, or enjoying the sites in Canada for a longer while, you can sign up for this journey any day of your stay. You can even join Cherry Tours on the very last day before you have to check out by noon, or get back on to the ship before it leaves. Further, let Cherry Tours Vancouver drop you off at the airport so that you don’t have to worry about the trip!

                If you know that an opportunity to experience Vancouver through the lens of a local with a true taste of what the city can mean to you, consider the Horseshoe Bay Sea Safari & Chocolate Experience.

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