One of the best parts about an adventure is that every moment is an opportunity to explore. However, on your way passing through the area to your final destination: whether you are part of another tour, or are truly staying at a hotel a few days to explore the wonders of Vancouver, consider Cherry Tours, especially in your final days of your stay in Canada. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the final day is all about dealing with hotel bills, rushing out by noon, and lugging your baggage around for several hours before finally frantically catching a shuttle or taxi to the airport. Your last day in your adventure is actually the most important. It should reflect the perfect closure to your experience filled with relaxation and a subtle exploration of the wonderful and calming sites that only the locals really know about. Consider then, the several whistler packages of Vancouver such as the Whistler & Scandinave Spa Experience as a part of Cherry Tours. Not only do your final impressions of a truly unforgettable city get to touch your soul until the very last moments, but you get all the security and efficiency that you search for on the last day of your stay.

Imagine a Local Experience

                Envision being able to explore the local sites by foot as you roam through the beautifully colored fields of Whistler Village against the backdrop of a vast mountain range in the back. The quaint styling of the area will make you feel like you are in a fairytale. See the warm homes of the locals interspersed beautifully among the rocky geographic base of the Whistler Mountains. Explore the beauty of the sites and the wondrous energy of the people who live there and are happy to share.

See the Landmark Sites

                Along with your one-of-a-kind adventure of the unique village, also get a chance to be introduced to the landmark tourist sites that have quickly come to represent Vancouver and its people. The Lions Gate Bridge in its entire expanse covers the Burrard Inlet and is considered a national historic site. On your way up experience the drive of the Sea to Sky Highway which travels down from the seaside right past Shannon Falls and among the mountains until you reach Whistler, where you’ll discover in all its enigma on foot. It’s a beautiful and relaxing drive, and the Vancouver sites may be popular, but with the carefully planned experience of Cherry Tours, it is truly an intimate trip worth every minute.

Relax at the Whistler Scandinave Spa

                Once you have explored a little bit, take the time to relax in the authentic Nordic-inspired spa that fits right in with the rest of Whistler village. Right along Lost Lake and the neighboring forest, relax with a high-quality spa experience where you don’t have to worry about catching a taxi, carrying your luggage, or even keep an eye on the clock for your next flight because right now: you are in paradise, and the real world can wait. As you relax in the Scandinavian baths, let your body be cleansed before you return to work and experience the elusive strength of the peace that is preserved in the resort. Take a walk along the natural landscape in the Eco Spa, or enjoy a revitalizing massage in between baths. In short, let this Cherry Tours experience rejuvenate you before you return home.

Benefit from an Efficient and Convenient Tour

                Your trip to Vancouver may be quick, but it doesn’t mean you allow yourself the time to relax and explore. The last thing you need when suffering from jet lag, is an added tired and frustrated disposition in your bustle of getting to the ship, the flight, or leaving the hotel in time. With the Whistler Spa Experience, you will be dropped off at the airport, you don’t have to worry about your luggage, or getting anywhere in time, or spending your last vacation day sitting at an airport terminal as you begin to countdown the minutes until boarding for several hours.

                A quality tour can be worth spending that final day, or even your first depending on your situation; especially, when that tour prizes the quality of your experience and the efficiency of your stay. If this sounds like a trip you may appreciate filled with adventure and relaxation, consider the Whistler & Spa Experience from Cherry Tours.

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