A vacation is no small expense. It takes time, money, and patience and when you do get the chance to get away, you don’t want to feel like you are being herded or on a school field trip. But what do you look for? How do you make sure you aren’t spending every waking moment of your vacation planning instead of enjoying, and still manage to get a tour that doesn’t make you feel like you barely saw the city? You want a tour that doesn’t keep reminding you that you’re on a tour, but rather gives you the means to experience Vancouver and let it touch your soul. Choosing the perfect trip can be a difficult decision, but here are a few things to look for so you can save time in your search and still book an amazing experience:

Look for Small Groups

                  Group tours are difficult to keep up with as is, so look for smaller group sizes in your tours so that you feel more like you are setting off for an adventure rather than for a high school retreat. This may mean limiting your search to individual touring companies rather than large-scale franchises as those generally are accompanied with large buses and even larger groups. Some touring companies even allow personal experiences that only consist of your party and the personnel so that you get an even closer and intimate experience. Generally, a group less than 18 is a good number of people to enjoy and laugh with as well as still give you your chances to explore on your own.

Look for Tours that Want to Make it Personal

                  Touring companies that want you to see anything and everything the city has to offer within a limited period of time are more likely to give you a superficial experience of the city. Visiting the Botanical Gardens, Museum of Anthropology, Lion’s Gate Bridge,  Granville Island, and Spanish Banks Beach all at once is likely to mean you won’t have a meaningful experience in either. These kinds of tours are common. When someone asks you what you did on your trip to Vancouver, you quickly realize all your answers are images of things you could have found on a quick Google Image search. Look for experiences that work to ensure you get the local taste and preserve your adventure experience. This may mean tours off the beaten path, or in small local sites with cute experiences you are likely to remember for the rest of your life. For example, small wine tastings, samplings of the local staples, or visiting relaxing hotspots for the locals are all indications of a tour that wants to make sure you leave with colorful memories and a soul yearning to return once again.

Look for Global Guides

                  Guides should know what they are talking about, of course. But beyond that, they should understand what travelers want from their experience, what they would appreciate, and what they would like to see when touring certain attractions. Look for guides that have been abroad, who have a comprehension of cultures and travel, and are able to understand specifically that you wish to explore and discover:  to make a connection with your destination. Finally, notice they should be global guides. Nothing is worse than having to feel like you are having to sacrifice your safety because a driver has to trade-off between telling you about the sites or keeping his eye on the road. Look for companies that make that distinction.

                  Booking the perfect tour can be difficult, but with directed research, this tour will give you an illuminating experience that will leave you filled with joy and hopes of a future return to Vancouver.

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